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  • Suture Thread

    Thread liftng
    is a popular alternative to tradtional facelift. While it shows expressive results with short procedure time, exiting cannula types were easy to damage skin tissues and nerves. Our cannula is uniquely intended to decrease bloodloss and minimize wounding and swelling, it leaves no scars and essentially mitigates tissue harm, and abbreviate recuperation time.

    Cog screw thread, Cogs with grips, Blunt needle Cogs (to minimize scars),

    also, different sorts and sizes of PDO lifting sutures are accessible. For any wounds from Thread lift

  • Mesotherapy needles

    Benefits of the application compared to traditional needles:

    Our needles offer significant advantages, both for the patient and for the user.

    For doctors:
    With good needles, patients may have a less traumatic experience. We have a catalog with different thicknesses and lengths for greater versatility in the application.

    The 4mm and 6mm micro needles are indicated for aesthetic treatments (Mesotherapia), while 25mm needles are used for deeper injections such as dermal filler injection, sclerotherapy and dentistry. The advantages are:

    > Less pain: local anesthesia may no longer be necessary.

    > Shorter recovery times: with a reduced probability of visible scars after treatment.

    > More natural results when use 32G and 33G x 4mm x 6mm needles or micro-needles and allow precise injection into the surface layer of the skin.

    For the patient:
    Self-injections can now be less complicated and painful. Needles can be used by diabetics or by who performs treatments for hormone growth making sure to inject the drug through a correct positioning, eg. in the dermis (skin) or in the subcutaneous tissue.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items